Life-long friends and business partners with a passion for technology.

The LisiProta Story

After working at Fortune 100 companies for years, Ric and Thomas Dillahunt decided to pool their talents in IT and business to form DillSystems Techology Solutions. A few years later, they were joined by their brother, Brian, to provide project management support. Unknown to Tom, Ric, and Brian at the time, their life-long friends Anthony Gripper and Kenneth Isham were also developing their own company, IG Tech. On several projects, DillSystems and IG Tech would partner for delivery. In 2013, the five partners decided to merge to create a new company, LisiProta Services, LLC.

The name LisiProta (pronounced lē·sē·PRŌ·ta) is derived from two Greek words, λύση [lisi], meaning solution and πρώτος [protos], meaning first. We are NOT a web design company. We are NOT an Internet marketing company. We ARE a full-service technology firm. We help you plan your techology needs, from discovering your technical needs all the way through to implementation and monitoring; and all at an affordable cost for you.

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