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Have an idea for a mobile app?

From online banking to procuring home loans, many people today use their mobile devices to do everything. If you have an idea for a mobile app or need your services or products to be available to support mobility, we are here to help. Here are a few examples of how we have helped turn an idea into reality.

Status Check

iconClouds The Challenge

With the spread of COVID-19, the need arose for schools, gyms, and other companies to have the ability to track visitor health. This is primarily being done via paper forms, which are difficult to keep and impossible to analyze without manual data entry.

iconClouds The Solution

LisiProta recommended a mobile app solution that will allow the user to sign up for tracking. This information is then safely encrypted and stored for future auditing purposes and analysis. This allows companies to feel confident in their ability to provide a safe environment for their clients.

See a video featuring the app below.

iconClouds The Results

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FireWatch App

iconClouds The Challenge

A client approached us with a need to be able to remotely trigger a proprietary fire suppression system. Their product is distributed internationally, but all deployment was being done manually.

iconClouds The Solution

LisiProta recommended a mobile app solution that allows the client to remotely trigger their fire suppression product. The app is also allows the user to remotely stop deployment.

The app was featured at the Society of Insurance Research webinar in September 2020. Brian Sullivan, Editor of Auto Insurance Report, gave the following accolades: "This is a great advance for smart homes and smart buildings in general. Eventually, when Apple (HomeKit) and Google get their home automation platforms running better, FireWatch will be part of those ecosystems. But for now it is similar to the stand-alone products that lighting, lock, doorbell, and smoke detector companies have had to devise. It seems that FireWatch fits right into that world. If I was buying one of those Greenfire suppression systems, I would definitely want to have it connected through FireWatch."

iconClouds The Results

A comprehensive mobile app that allows users to monitor and remote activate their fire suppression devices.

Please view the video for a demonstration of the app.